24 Hour House Call Doctor | About Prestige House Calls

Receive quality treatment from a top-ranking physician in your hotel room. 24-hour house call doctors are available for you!


Why Use Prestige?

• No “overbooking” or scheduling issues
• No long waits. In approximately one hour, your doctor comes to you!
• You can contact your doctor at ANY TIME on their personal cell phone.
• Transparent, affordable prices
• Our 24-hour house call doctors can administer medicine in a safe environment: your home, hotel or office.

Traditional Doctor/ER Experience

• Wait times are unpredictable, painful and long!
• Your doctor is late, even for annually scheduled visits
• Appointments can take weeks or months to fulfill.
• Risks from prolonged exposure to sick and untreated people in waiting rooms.
• You get less than 10 minutes with your doctor, if that!
• Nurses and secretaries are distant and cold.
• Poor customer service
• Unpredictable expenses

Or Convenient, Comfortable Care at Your Time of Need

We value your time and understand your condition. In good conscience, we wouldn't recommend your driving long distance or sitting in a waiting room when you are ill. We'd rather you be as comfortable as possible in a safe environment while receiving medical care.

We send top doctors to your door in about an hour!

Contact us if you’re looking for a 24 hour home doctor in your area.