Prestige House Calls - Santa Monica House Call Doctors

Call us if you’d like the best medical care delivered to the comfort of your home or office. Contact our team of doctors on house calls, if you’re looking for confidential medical care.

Who Are We?

Prestige House Calls is a 24/7 medical care concierge service. We serve homebound Patients and people looking for convenient consultations. Our Santa Monica house call doctors are the perfect choice for patients who are at risk of contracting an illness by prolonged exposure in clinic waiting rooms and other public areas. Our team includes experienced general practitioners, pediatricians, geriatricians, nurses, and physiotherapists. Call us if you want the best medical care delivered right in the comfort of your home or office. Contact our team of doctors on house calls if you’re looking for discreet medical care in and around Santa Monica.

And you don’t have to fall ill to have a house call doctor come over. We provide preventive care as well. Get physicals and medical checkups done to diagnose and prevent problems before they start. We also work with elderly patients, customizing our services to meet their needs.
Prestige coordinates with homecare agencies, pharmacies, and other service providers to delay nursing home placement as long as we can. But you don’t have to be old to qualify for home-based care. Perhaps you just got out of the hospital because of a fracture, or maybe you're wary about going in for a regular checkup due to the risk of catching an infection in the waiting room, or you simply might be a busy executive with no time to take leave for a doctor's appointment.

Why Choose Us?

Prestige House Calls offers the best in-home medical care in Santa Monica. Unlike office visits, that typically don’t last more than ten minutes, our home visits last from 45 minutes to an hour. We give undivided attention to our patients and develop care plans that are tuned to their requirements.
Our Santa Monica house call doctors promise complete confidentiality. Over the years, we have worked with dozens of hotels in and around Santa Monica bringing discreet medical care to their celebrity guests.

Call us now to book an appointment. Your house call doctor will be at your home or office in one hour!